Want to trigger a Raspberry Pi from motion detect
  • What I want to do is have a Raspberry Pi perform a real world action (such as ringing a buzzer) as the result of a motion detect event in SS. Is my best way of doing this to run a shell command which then connects to the Pi via ssh ?
  • If you want an audible sound upon motion detection, SecuritySpy has this option built-in via the "Play sound" option at Preferences - Cameras - Actions.

    On the other hand, if you need to interface with a device that has a physical switch input such as a door buzzer, then you could either use a HomeKit device or a WebRelay device.

    If you want the Raspberry Pi to do something else, then it all depends on what software it is running and what inputs that software accepts (probably an HTTP GET request, which can be triggered by SecuritySpy via the "Run shell script" Action).
  • Yes, I already use the "Play sound" feature quite a lot. This particular scenario though is in a multi building organisation (a church) and the SS server is in one building while the Raspberry Pi (which is already in place for other purposes) is in a room in another building where I want the audible alarm to sound and I don't want it dependent on any Macs in that room always being switched on. I think you've confirmed my opinion that the best way to do it is via a shell script.

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