Onvif Door Eye Cam Video Feed Corruption
  • Hi Ben,

    I purchased the following Door Eye Camera from AliExpress with the plan to use it in my front door if all went well:


    In theory it should have worked given that the specifications say it's ONVIF compatible, but I know from previous comments on here that not all cameras meet the required ONVIF spec.

    The problem I have is that the video feed soon starts to freeze, and it creates a colourful corruption banner along the top as seen in this image (it's blurry because it froze when the camera was moving):

    Doing a "Auto-Detect Profiles" returns many matches, and none of the half-dozen I tried worked.

    It doesn't help that the webcam GUI is very basic and in Chinese (though Google Translate overcomes the language issue), and there doesn't appear to be any page that lets you configure camera settings.

    The camera also advertises h.265 yet all the streams detects it as h.264.

    Here is a picture showing the SecuritySpy profile settings I used:

    I know I was taking a gamble but the concept of having a discrete camera in the door was tempting, rather than having something bulky and closed source like a Ring doorbell camera.

    I don't expect you can do much but I wondered if you have any thoughts on tests I could do please?
  • Try this:

    Under Preferences - Cameras - Device in SecuritySpy, click the Advanced Device Options... button at the bottom, and enable the Detect and adjust for video stream format changes option. Then click OK and Apply Preferences.

    Does this help to prevent the video corruption?
  • Wow, that option is like magic, it just works now!! Thank you!

    Is there anything you would like me to feed back to you to help discover more about this camera?
  • Well, it seems I spoke too soon. Even though I've set the camera to continuously record and save a new file every two hours, it seems to be creating a file every few seconds:


    I also received a text box with the following error:

    Error performing continuous capture for camera "EyeCam", continuous capture mode will now be disarmed. (Failed to record video frame 1556,50884 Video codec mismatch)

    The debug output for that camera can be found here if it helps.

  • What appears to be happening is that the camera is changing its stream encoding parameters every few seconds. These parameters (metadata that gets sent along with the stream) are required to be able to decode the stream properly. It's very unusual for cameras to do this so frequently (some cameras do this when they switch between day and night mode, but even this is rare), but we have come across this before and this is why we have this advanced option to detect and correct for this.

    The problem is that the recorded movie files can contain only one parameter set that applies to the whole movie, so when the parameters change, SecuritySpy has to create a new movie. A workaround is as follows:

    - Download and install the latest beta version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.3.2b8).

    - For this camera, under Preferences - Cameras - Device, turn ON the Recompress video data option.

    - Under Preferences - Compression, set H.264 as the video codec, with a quality of 50 (these are the default settings).

    This will avoid the need to create a new file every time this happens. Recompressing the video data is normally undesirable, as it reduces video quality a bit and can use significant CPU resources (depending on your Mac), but in this case it is unavoidable.

    Please report back and let me know if this workaround resolves the problem.
  • Hi Ben, that appears to have done the trick, thank you very much indeed!

    I've had it running for a couple of hours now without incident (though the camera is only pointing at a blank wall atm). As a result there was no noticeable impact on CPU usage from enabling Recompress video, but I'll try pointing it out the window tomorrow to see what difference that makes.

    It's a shame you have to keep working around poor implementations of Onvif and camera hardware. I can only apologise that people like me keep buying cheap Chinese knockoffs with the hope that they will work. I always knew there was a risk buying this camera, but at £33 I was willing to give it a go. Thank you again for taking the time to help - it really is appreciated.
  • Great to hear that. Yes it can certainly be a challenge attempting to support such a wide range of cameras, many of which work in suboptimal and nonstandard ways. But we do want to support as wide a range as possible, as this is one of the strengths of the software.
  • Just to finish off this thread, I don't recommend anyone else buys this camera. Ben has suggested all he can to get this working and to some extent it is indeed working a lot better than it was. However, having had it running for a day I see that the video feed pauses every second or two for half a second, no doubt due to the constant encoding parameters changing as Ben describes above.
    Thanks for your help Ben, it was worth a shot. :)
  • That's a shame, it was worth a shot but this is really not ideal behaviour from an IP camera, and it's not surprising that it's causing problems, unfortunately.

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