Older Macmini and Homekit Questions
  • I have a Mac mini (late 2012) running only SS with 4-4k cameras. I also have an NAS with Homebridge setup. I have only just begun learning how to use Homebridge. I am just not ready to spend money on the new M1 Mac mini with such a small home system, unless it unavoidable. I would like to use the camera motion triggers to turn on some outdoor lights I have already setup in Homekit. Looking for the right direction on where I need to start learning and some feedback if I am going in the right direction.
  • SecuritySpy works directly with HomeKit - please see SecuritySpy User Manual - HomeKit Integration.

    However, this requires macOS 11 Big Sur, and unfortunately your 2012 Mac mini does not officially support Big Sur.

    There is apparently an unofficial way to install Big Sur onto a 2012 Mac mini. If you don't want to attempt this (and I understand if not), then probably the best course of action would be to upgrade your Mac hardware so that you can run Big Sur. If the new M1 mini seems unnecessary, you could consider a second hand 2014 or 2018 model perhaps (though the 2014 models were somewhat underpowered so bear that in mind).

    This should be possible too with homebridge, though it looks a bit complicated and we haven't tested this ourselves. Homebridge has a webhooks plugin that looks like it can accept a HTTP request to effect a state change in an accessory. In SecuritySpy, you would use the "Run shell script" action under Preferences - Cameras - Actions to initiate the HTTP request to homekit via curl (for which SecuritySpy provides a template in the pop-up menu to the right of this option).
  • This something I have wanted to do for a while now especially with HomeKit products now getting cheaper. Currently diving into Home-assistant but this requires quite a significant investment in time to figure out - but the more I learn the more amazing features I find! I hope someone has an answer to your request without needing a Big Sur upgrade
  • I am glad I am headed down the right path. Been reading about homebridge web hooks plugin all morning. I love to tinker and will spend some time on this, but if it gets too complicated (I'm no programmer) , it appears a new M1 Mac mini is in my future. If anyone has any pointers on homebridge web hooks, any help would be grateful.
  • For anyone that wants to know, Its just too complicated for my skill level, the homebridge Webhooks plugin does not have a light timer, (just on/off) which I want for my outdoor lights. Time for a new Mac mini.

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