Web server certificates
  • If I'm reading things right, the documentation indicates that you only need to specify a hostname at Preferences>Web>Dynamic DNS Name and it will retrieve a certificate from LetsEncrypt.org. I've done that, and the "Test" button returns a green light, but I'm still getting a self-signed certificate when I access the browser interface. What am I doing wrong?
  • You are correct that setting up a DDNS name is all that is required. If no official certificate is obtained, please check the following:

    - Make sure you are running the latest version of SecuritySpy.

    - If you are running any connection blocking software (e.g. "Little Snitch"), add an exception to allow all outgoing connections for SecuritySpy.

    - Check the log file (File menu > Open Log) for any messages related to problems obtaining the certificate.

    If the above doesn't solve the problem, please email us and include the log file as well as a screenshot of your web settings, and we will help you directly with this.

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