Firewalla Gold remote access
  • Firewalla gold provides an actual Firewalla provided DDNS, with no option to use another. I've set port forwards correctly for 8000/8001 - and cannot access remotely. All works internal network. Other port forwards work within Firewalla gold for non security spy apps that I use (plex, etc). So ports 8000/8001 are listed as open, and I believe they are. Any other ideas?

    Firewalla Gold, latest release, SS 5, latest release.
  • I'm not familiar with this device, but here are some things to check:

    Apparently the Firewalla can be in "router mode" or "simple" mode (see Firewalla Gold: Switching from Simple/DHCP mode to Router Mode). Which mode are you using? I presume it's the former, since you describe setting up port forwarding within the Firewalla device, is this correct?

    What other devices exist between the Mac running SecuritySpy and the Internet? If there is any other device is providing routing (NAT) functionality then you have a double-NAT situation which is more complex to navigate.

    Is the Mac's firewall enabled under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Firewall? If so, is SecuritySpy added there to the list of exceptions?

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