• Hi. Apologies, as this may be covered somewhere, but I've not been able to find it. I've set up security spy with 6 network cameras, and I bought a 1-camera license, though I may buy more in the future just to support the software. I'm not really interested in using the recording capabilities of SecuritySpy, just the consolidation capabilities, so I can look at all the cameras from one place, and have a single server that talks to the outside world. So I leave the cameras on passive all of the time. (Again, this may change, but right now, they're all on passive.)

    So what I don't understand is why, when I'm using either the web interface, Remote Patrol, or the SecuritySpy to SecuritySpy functionality, one or more of the camera windows will display "SecuritySpy Demo" on it. Again, none of the cameras are active, so I'm not exceeding the limit that I think exists. And it's only one or two windows at a time, not all but one of them, which is what I think would be happening if I was hitting a licensing issue.

    So is what I'm seeing expected behavior?
  • What you are seeing is expected behaviour.

    If you are running an unlicensed version of SecuritySpy, it is running in demo mode. It will allow you to simply view your cameras without displaying the demo message (because we allow SecuritySpy to be used for free for this purpose), but if you do anything else (record, stream video through the bulit-in web server, save JPEG images etc) you will get the demo banner.

    So while you are very welcome to use SecuritySpy free of charge to simply view video in the software itself, if you want to use the remote viewing features to view via a web browser or Remote Patrol, then I'm afraid you will need to purchase a license of SecuritySpy.

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