Two-Way Audio with Dahua N55DU82
  • Ben,

    I can only get the Two-Way Audio to work on this camera after a camera reboot but it only works for about a minute and a half then the ability to send audio to the camera quits working. If I reboot it again it will work for the same amount of time.
    I tested the Two-Way Audio with the Dahua DMSS app to make sure it wasn't a camera issue it works fine with DMSS.

    I am using the Dahua profile.

    When it quits working, on the Mac mini when I click the microphone icon it turns red for about 2 seconds and then turns white. But when I reboot the camera it works for about the minute and a half again.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated as always.

    And by the way you have created on hell of an app.
    Thanks for all your hard work and can't wait to see what's coming next.
  • I have it narrowed down to the iOS app. As soon as I try the iOS app to send audio to the camera it works for a minute then it quits and even the Mac can not send audio until a camera reboot. As long as I don't use the iOS app it continues to work fine.

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