Mac Mini M1 (Apple Silicon) + SecuritySpy = CRAZY
  • I just migrated the SS pref file to the M1 and I'm running three 4K Axis cameras at 30 FPS.

    There is no fan noise, everything is butter, the companion SecuritySpy iOS app feels much more responsive now. I'm also running Sighthound (only for the pet detection, believe it or not), nothing phases this thing.

    So, because it's silent, I decided to use this Mac Mini as my main computer until Apple releases new hardware later this year. After an hour of simultaneous installations (Plex server scanning, Adobe Creative Cloud installs, Backblaze migration, iCloud Drive syncing for the first time) *while* running all both SS and Sighthound, I reached over to touch the case, it was ice cold.

    Prior to this M1, I was running SS on a maxed out late-2019 Intel Mac Mini with 32 GB ram and a 1 TB SSD as a dedicated security camera computer. I experienced consistent frame drops in the logs, so I had to reduce to 20 FPS per camera, and even then the fans ran all the time, the closet was hot and noisy.

    These new M1 chips are insane.
  • Many thanks for sharing your experiences, it's great to hear the M1 mini is working so well for you. The new chips are quite amazing!

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