Cannot use USB webcam in BigSur
  • Hi all,

    I'm on the latest version of SS (5.3.1) but my attached webcam no longer works. When I look at it in Preferences, in the preview screen it says "This application is not authorized to use the device - Use Security & Privacy preferences to allow access"

    However when I check there, there's nothing to approve (not under Camera, nor under any of the other options).

    Anything I can do?


  • Hi Ed, please try deleting SecuritySpy from your Mac (this won't affect your settings - simply drag it to the Trash and empty the trash). Then download and install a fresh copy from the SecuritySpy download page and open it. Then do you see the option to allow SecuritySpy access to the camera in the Security & Privacy system preference?
  • No, I'm afraid not (I tried twice).
  • Hi Ed, did this work in a previous version of SecuritySpy? If so I will provide you with a link to the previous version so that we can compare the two. I'm not sure at this point why this could be happening - there should be an option in Security & Privacy to allow SecuritySpy to access the camera.

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