Last betas not playing all captured video
  • Had this problem before, but lately, with the last couple of Betas, when viewing recorded events, not all will display the video,but seems to be recording because outside mic for Motion Events capturing audio.
  • Ben

    Just a further note. The events video does seem to play the capture if I hit "pause" and then "play". I'm using the "one movie per day" option.
  • Ben

    I found the problem on playback, apparently there were two copies of the video capture files in the default storage location. I deleted the old duplicates files and reset the default location just in case, and so far playback is just fine. Sorry for the false flags...
  • Good to hear you managed to resolve this. I'm not sure why there could have been duplicate copies of the captured files - do you know why this happened? Thanks.
  • Not a clue Ben, just updated to today's beta if it reappears I'll let you know.

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