Failed to decompress incoming video frame - Mac mini 2020 M1
  • I transitioned from a Mac Pro 2013 to a Mac mini 2020 due to the expected GPU gains, instead I'm getting a lot of "Error from camera "Front Door Camera", it will be closed. (Failed to decompress incoming video frame 22185,71042 Decompression failed) for all of my cameras. There are four wired and one wireless. On the Mac Pro I would only get the occasional "failed to decompress" error, and only on the wireless camera. The wired cameras and server are all on the same Netgear JGS516PE gigabit PoE switch. The exact configuration was copied from the Pro to the Mini via Time Machine, so no config changes. Any ideas?
  • I got the same error message with my Hikvision Camera on my MBA M1 with version 5.10 up to 5.3.1. On my intel MBP 2018 (Mojave) all versions run perfectly with my Hikvision Cam.

    My Dahua Cameras don't cause the bug (Failed to decompress incoming video frame 22185,71042 Decompression failed) only my Hikvision Cam does.

    My Settings are all the same on the MBP and M1 MBA (I'm using the Hikvision Profile)

    Maybe, does anyone know a workaround? Can I change some settings in the preferences for the Hikvision?

  • We've seen this problem specifically with Hikvision cameras and the M1 Macs. At this time we're not sure what the cause of the problem is, or if there is a workaround. We are investigating.

    @7RDR7 - are you using Hikvision cameras?
  • Getting the same issue. Hikvision camera as well. Also just switched to M1 MacMini. Other cameras (Reolink) are getting Excessive packet loss from network device. Was working perfectly on Intel iMac before switching.
  • Now getting the same error on my Reolink cameras
  • Getting this error with Annke cameras as well.
  • For any affected camera, please try this: in the Camera Info window, show the "Video Hardware Decode Status" column (click the header bar where you see the column names to show/hide the columns). The indicator should be "HW", indicating the decompression of video data is being done in hardware. Click the indicator and change it to "Software Decoder". Does this stop the errors?
  • Yes!! :-) Software Decoder" is working here with the Hikvision Camera! No more error message.
  • If I change from SW to HW back the error message (Failed to decompress incoming video frame...) comes back. Is this a SecuritySpy or Apple Hardware bug?
  • The CPU usage is around 23% -29% with SW decoding compared to 2%-3% with HW decoding. It okay for me :-)
  • Whats interesting: the picture quality with SW is a little bit better. Around 0,5 sec. after switching from HW to SW, the picture switches from a more "greyish look" to a clearer, brilliant look (with more contrast). It looks like a very light grey-filter is turned off with SW. It's very minimal but one can clearly see it.
  • Yes, all five cameras are Hikvision. I've changed to SW decoder and will report back.
  • Trading one error for another, and as others have noted, CPU utilization goes up from ~ 3% to ~ 20%, which isn't an issue except for it seems to be dropping packets now.

    Generated by SecuritySpy 5.3.1 running on the computer "Twin Island".

    Error communicating with network device "Front Door Camera". 5.3.1,10,835 Excessive packet loss from network device, the network may be too slow or defective, or this computer may be overloaded. Check the network and/or reduce this camera's frame rate.
  • Needed to go back to hardware decoding, software decoding was unusable, as the web access video windows were freezing, and lots of "computer overloaded" errors. Hope that the "decompress" error can be resolved....
    I'm running 4 cameras @ 2048x1536 and one @ 1536x2048 (doorbell), all at 20 fps.
  • Hi @Ben, if I wanted to call Apple to report this issue, how might I explain it? I'm still within my product return window.

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