Finished videos to have same name?
  • is there a way to tell SS that you want each daily video to have the same name rather than timestamped? I want "cameraname.m4v" every time, not "01-07-2021 cameraname.m4v"

  • There is no built-in way to do this, however SecuritySpy has a feature whereby you can designate a script to run for each completed captured file. This script could do the file renaming. Please see the "ProcessCapturedFile" section at the bottom of the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page.
  • Is there a place to request features like this? Or the ability to change the timestamp?

    I don't program.
  • You can control the ordering of the components of the date via Preferences > General, but beyond that the file naming is fixed.

    We wouldn't add such an option as a built-in feature, but it's fairly easy to do via AppleScript, as follows:

    - Open Script Editor

    - Copy and paste this code into the Script Editor document:

        on run args
            set cameraName to item 2 of args
            set filePath to item 3 of args

            if filePath ends with ".m4v" then
                tell application "System Events"
                    set name of file filePath to (cameraName & ".m4v")
                end tell
            end if
        end run

    - Save the script with the name "ProcessCapturedFile" into the SecuritySpy folder within your Home folder.

    The script will then be invoked for every captured files produced by SecuritySpy, and will rename it to "cameraname.m4v".

    Note that this will only work for the first movie captured for each camera for each day (because there can only be one file called "cameraname.m4v" in each folder). Therefore you should be using the "one movie per day" capture options.

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