Rotate image Hikvision Camera
  • I installed two Hikvision DS-2CD2383G0-I cameras in a hallway sized room. To get full vision of the room I turned the cameras 90deg. The problem I can't find how to rotate the image in the camera itself, the only way I have found to rotate the image is to do that in SecuritySpy itself by enabling recompression. That causes a huge jump in iMac resources particularly CPU usage.
    Do you know of a camera setting to do this that I can't find with "google" or a better way to rotate the image?
  • Think the only adjustment on the camera software side of Hik would be to log-in to the camera. Configure Tab, Image, Video Adjustment and you have the options for Mirror and Rotate the image. Your options may vary... Are you sure you cant twist the turret? Or find a 90 Degree turret mount.
  • In IVMS-4200 software select Device Management > Remote Configuration. Once there, click on + next to CCD and select Other. There you will find Mirror setting which appears to have the following options:


    Hope that helps.

    Download here if you don't have it:

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