Disable camera by schedule
  • I've done some searching but possibly overlooked it. This might be doable by schedules. I have one camera off site that I want to disable during night hours. Right now I right click and remove it from group and in the morning I add it back. Is there a better way. Can I automate this? I have a group set up without this one camera. Is there a way to automate changing of groups? I guess I could use automator to press command 1 and then later command 2. Any thoughts? Thanks much.
  • Two thoughts:

    Set the camera to only be armed Sunrise to Sunset?
    Set a schedule and then arm the camera based on that schedule?
  • Thanks much Rick. I've done a lot of armed settings. I am hoping it will cut off the feed to the camera. Since it's not local, I was just cutting it off to save bandwidth since it's not needed at night. I'll give them both a try. I'm mostly wanting to cut off the video during certain hours. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again.
  • In order to disable a camera so that it is not streaming to SecuritySpy you must go to Preferences > Cameras > Setup and untick the "Enable this camera" option.

    There is no built-in way to do this on a schedule, but it is possible with AppleScript, and these scripts could be scheduled via Calendar to be invoked at certain times. For more information on this, please see the "Enabling and disabling a camera" and "Scheduling Scripts" sections on the SecuritySpy AppleScript Examples page.
  • Thanks much Ben. I thought I might have to go to some type of Apple automation to do this. It's not vital that it be done whatsoever, but I had noted I was regularly removing and restoring that camera to the group and got to wondering if there was an automatic way.

    I have done quite a bit of automator automation with calendar and other triggers, and I just checked the script on the site here and it's exactly what I was wanting. Thanks very much for letting me know about this.

    We now have an M1 Mac mini in the house, and eager to use SS on an M1 (or beyond) after seeing how well the M1 works with everything else.
  • Great to hear this works well. I think you will be pleased with your M1 mini :)

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