Timestamp Options?
  • Hello, all. I am looking to style the timestamp on my image to something prettier than the default. Am I really limited to only +d to display the date? Are there any work arounds to:

    * Display the date, but in a different format? I.e., dd MMM HH:mm for "06 Jan 09:30"
    * Display a different font?
    * Display the timestamp without the white background -- and with a different colour font?

  • Currently you are limited to the default formatting, font name, and colours (though you can change the date ordering/style under Preferences > General, which is reflected in the overlays).

    We'll take a look at expanding the options, however SecuritySpy's text overlay feature is rarely used, because it's generally far better to get the cameras themselves to add the overlays. For SecuritySpy to add overlays on images coming from IP cameras, it needs to recompress the video data - a process that uses resources and reduces quality, which is why we don't recommend it.
  • Thanks, Ben. I understand. I don't like the text overlays on my new camera either. And I am used to EvoCam (and OBS) which allow me to use any font I like. Also, I am not using it for security, but for art and entertainment.

    FYI, I am using an Amcrest IP8M-2496E and it works great with SS.

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