Web improvements
  • Just started using Security Spy; really like it.
    But there are a couple of improvements to the web interface I would like to see:
    1. The (internal) browser "movie playback speed" should be utilized in the web server also.
    2. The web server should have a "mobile site" version (eliminate the config stuff, assume some default choices, fix layout) so that we don't need third-party phone apps.
  • Via the web server, I believe that if you hold down the alt key on the keyboard and click in the forward/rewind area of the QuickTime playback window in your web browser you are able to control the playback speed.

    The web interface has been tested on iOS and we think it works pretty well (it has been designed from the ground up to work well on both iOS and OS X alike without a separate mobile version). Of course, a dedicated app is always going to give a better interface and for this we recommend Remote Patrol (there's a new version of Remote Patrol out very soon with lots of improvements).

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