• For anyone using a network storage (NAS) for your captured files, this might be worth reading. I recently decided to do away with AFS (apple file sharing) protocol on my QNAP 4-disk network accessible RAID array and move to SMB (Samba). I did this because AFP is no longer supported or updated by Apple. Unfortunately, SMB is known to have issues, but better to use a supported technology with flaws than an unsupported technology with flaws and no vulnerability updates. I made another post recently about increasing SMB performance using a few command line parameters (search SMB and you'll find it). Anyways, I was having some trouble with SS not using my SMB share after a very short period of time, and I couldn't figure out the problem.

    The logs showed nothing, but when I started SS, it was saying "finding capture destinations...." for a long time, which occurred when I removed AFS. My storage destination was set correctly in preferences. I even reset the nvram on my new M1 Mini (Yes, you can do this by doing 'sudo nvram -c' at a terminal command line). Still nothing. I figured out that if I went into my preferences and reset my destination to what seemed like the same location, everything worked. Turns out, even though the destination looked correct, the OS doesn't simply see "/Volumes/Surveillance/Capture" or whatever the destination, it probably sees AFP://NAS.local/Surveillance/Capture or even some OS unique ID (Ben might know). Anyways, if you have this problem, go in and reset your capture destination in the preferences to eliminate that issue. This may become more of a problem as Apple eventually forces the removal of AFS support in future MacOS releases.
  • Thanks for posting with this information. SecuritySpy remembers capture destinations using macOS "bookmarks", the contents of which are managed by macOS and opaque to SecuritySpy. For network locations the bookmark will certainly contain information such as the protocol and ports in use. So if you switch a network drive from one protocol to another, SecuritySpy may indeed have trouble finding the drive, and the solution, as you say, is to reset the capture destination(s) via SecuritySpy's Preferences.

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