High frame rate camera
  • Is there a 120fps or 240fps camera that is compatible with SS? I need to monitor high speed manufacturing equipment for debugging purposes. I only need the last 5 minutes of video, so that when I discover a fault in the equipment I can review the video and correct the machine. I currently use slo mo on my iphone, it works great but I would like to install something more permanent that runs all the time.
  • There are a few cameras with high frame rates, for example:

    Lilin UFG1122E (2 MP, 120 fps)
    Lilin ZFR8122EX2 (2MP, 120 fps)
    AXIS Q1645 (2 MP, 120 fps)
    AXIS P1377 (1 MP, 180 fps)

    Lilin and Axis are both excellent brands, so these should all perform well.

    In terms of recording, you could have SecuritySpy create hourly recordings, and use the automatic file deletion feature to remove them after a day or two. This way you get enough history for your purposes, without using too much disk space.

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