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Some feature requests

edited December 2020 in SecuritySpy
Hi Ben,

I have two and a half feature requests.

Would it be possible to send an iOS notification if there was a network disconnection on a camera?

And another, would it be possible to send a notification when there is a drastic scenery change (like the camera was turned manually). When AI is enabled, unless a person or a vehicle is detected, any kind of motion is disregarded. I would love to have some overriding detection mechanism that sends a notification even if no person or vehicle is detected but there was a very big motion.

Speaking of AI, would it be possible to separate animals from human categorization? The cameras send a lot of cat, dog and fox notifications as humans. :)


  • BenBen
    edited December 2020
    I like your suggestion about notifications for offline cameras, I'll see if we can add something like this as I think it would be a useful addition.

    As for the second suggestion, unfortunately I don't think this would work very well. Drastic changes (i.e. spikes of motion across the whole frame for a brief period of time) are precisely the kind of events that should generally be filtered out, as they are usually caused by things such as lighting changes, camera iris/focus adjustments, camera day/night mode changes etc.

    Yes, we'd like to implement an animal detector, though this is quite a challenging task (animals come in all shapes and sizes, and gathering enough quality data is not easy). We are definitely working on this though!
  • Not a brief amount of time, but something like the camera getting removed from its position. So it would take more than a few seconds. Also detecting the camera being blacked out (with a spray paint for example) would be great. You would categorize these as vandalism notifications. The duration can be user set. For example if the camera shows drastic movement for 15 seconds, send a notification. Or if the camera shows complete black scene for 10 seconds, send a notification etc. They can be expert settings for more advanced users.
  • Yes, this might be doable. I can see how vandalism detection would be useful. We'll take a look at this.
  • Just to follow up on this, we have now added an AI animal detector to the latest version of SecuritySpy (currently 5.5). Any feedback is welcome.

  • Is there a way to be notified when the Continuous Recording setting is changed? I went to review a particular time on a camera yesterday, and discovered that all my cameras had stopped continuous recording on July 14.

    I don't know what occurred at that time to cause that.

    I do see the easiest way to check is to open the "All Cameras" window and make sure the small C rectangle is red on all cameras, but if there is a notification that could be sent when continuous recording stops, that would be very useful.

  • Hi @Sawmill the only two reasons why Continuous Capture would stop is if 1. the schedule was changed based on some input from the user (e.g. via the web interface, iOS app, in the software user interface etc.) or 2. if some error occurred that prevents recording. You can set SecuritySpy to notify you upon any sort of error, using the option at Preferences > Email, so I suggest you do this, as this allows you to quickly be informed of, and correct, any issues that might arise. But there is no kind of notification that would inform you of a settings/schedule change, and I'm not convinced this is a feature that we should be adding, as settings can change all the time and these changes are initiated by the user.

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