all cameras “freese” picture about 5 seconds into viewing
  • I’ve searched and i’m not hitting paydirt here. I’m up to date with the app and the software on its machine, and in the past few weeks have noticed a few oddities:

    1) when I select any camera in the app, I get about 5 seconds of picture and then the camera “x” in the middle of the screen and the picture freezes, but if it’s a camera streaming audio I can still hear it. If It’s a PTZ camera and I open the controls, I can even hear the motors moving.

    2) when I select another camera it does the same thing, but when I go back to any camera the picture is refreshed and gives me another 5 seconds or so. It’s of course at that point I see a PTZ camera in its new position if I moved it before it froze or even after to froze.

    3) two of my PTZ cameras (foscam brand 8x or 9x generation or so) are now in this strange ultra aggressive movement mode, where the faintest and quickest tap of a PTZ arrow control yields at least 90 degrees of full speed movement.

    I’ve changed basically nothing for a while now, aside from updating the desktop software or the app.

    In wandering thru settings on the desktop app, I see nothing out of the ordinary - it’s all as it’s been for pretty much years now.

    Any ideas where to start here?!? I’m at a loss.

  • Here are some things to check:

    - Double-check you’re using macOS SecuritySpy 5.3.1 (via "About SecuritySpy" in the SecuritySpy menu) and that you're using the latest iOS SecuritySpy (check via the App Store on your iOS device and see if it allows you to install a new version).

    - In the SecuritySpy settings on your iOS app (open the Settings app and scroll down), try the "Live H.264 Video" both On and Off - does one work better than the other?

    - Open the log file in macOS SecuritySpy (File menu > Open Log) and see if there are any errors related to web streaming or camera connectivity.

    If the above doesn't help, please email us and we'll help you directly with this.
  • toggled live h.264 off, and the problem went away instantly. thank you! both iOS and macOS apps are current, and I’ll have a look at the other basic items you mentioned just for good lab technique, and report back. Happy New Year!!
  • Great to hear that. Happy new year to you too!
  •'s back.

    My previous experience with it resolving after turning live h.264 OFF I realize was when I was at home, on the same LAN with the server. Now I'm outside the home accessing via WAN, and the intermittent camera-with-x and halted video is back. I should mention it shows in the previews also, in something like independent from each other 5-seconds-on-5-seconds-off increments.

    I toggled that setting back on and back off again, to the same results. I have a solid 3 to 5 megabits outbound on the home internet connection so I'm not willing to blame this on bandwidth, especially since the issue was seen when server and device are on the same LAN as well.

    Any ideas where to turn next?

    If it helps, it also seems to be performing like this when logged in via a web browser. CPU load, thermal, and memory pressure and such all seem pretty ordinary in the meter display at the bottom of the main page. EDIT: the log and web logs look utterly normal, with a random error or two here or there from sending PTZ commands.

  • Just a followup: I feel like this problem has come and gone from my setup here and there this past few months. I've sort of lost track now as to wether I've been turning live h.264 on or off over this time, but I've finally updated to v5.2.3 so perhaps this is all moot! If you're using v4 still though and seeing this, write your experiences here so others can figure out what they're seeing happen if they're seeing it happen!

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