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  • Ben,

    When viewing groups, I would love to see an option to fit all cameras in one window and having it automatically adapt when resizing the browser screen.

    At first I thought that would be the "Automatic" option but that just shows me a few pages worth of cameras I have to scroll through.

    Having this option would be great for those of us with a lot of cameras regardless of screen size (kind of like the camera view when viewing directly from within SecuritySpy, where all the cameras appear the same size regardless of resolution and adjust when re-sizing the window).

    Also, if the options were also available one every group individually that would be awesome, so we could have different settings per group.

  • Another thing I would like to see is to remove the detection mask when cloning camera settings, since these will be different for every camera.

    Sometimes I want to do this for batch changing a single setting to all my cameras, but since it also copies the mask, it ruins all the work already made on the camera receiving the new settings, so I end up doing this manually. Very tedious.

    Also, for new installations, it would be great to be able to create a camera template and batch copy it to create a large number of cameras. Would def save a ton of time for larger environments.

    And one last thing... I would love to be able to see motion trigger object rectangles on the web interface, as well as the red 5-second highlight when a recording is being triggered. That would be fantastic.

  • Thanks for your suggestions. Assuming the viewing computer is a Mac, you will get a better viewing experience (including fitting multiple video views in a window that keeps a nice layout when the window is resized) by using another copy of SecuritySpy as the viewer - see SecuritySpy as Remote Viewing Software. This will also allow you to enable object rectangles and red highlighting on motion on the viewing machine.

    As for the copying camera settings with masks: SecuritySpy did used to exclude the masks from the copy, but we got complaints from users about this saying that it was counter-intuitive, so we added the masks to the copy. I actually agree with you that it doesn't really make sense to include the masks. We'll decide for the next version what to do about this.

    I agree, some way to apply batch settings to all cameras would be useful, we'll consider this for a future version.
  • Awesome. The web view is needed when I’m not on a Mac. Mirroring that capability would be great!

    One more thing... Would it be possible to get dark mode anytime soon on the iOS app?

  • I agree that it would be nice if the web view could do some of the things you are suggesting. From a development point of view, it's difficult having to maintain four different interfaces (SecuritySpy UI, iOS app, tvOS app and web), and sometimes one inevitably lags in terms of features.

    In terms of dark mode, this already exists: if you switch the phone to the dark appearance under Settings > Display & Brightness, the SecuritySpy iOS app changes its colours appropriately.

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