iOS notifications lose snapshot until iPhone reboot
  • Hi,

    Running latest iOS and latest SS app on iPhone 12 mini

    Notifications work well with included snapshot but after awhile, the notifications don't show the snapshot unless I long press on the notification

    If I reboot the phone, snapshots start working again (ie, no need to long press on the notification to see the snapshot - it's there in the notification)

    But, again after awhile, the snapshots disappear until I reboot the phone again
  • Hi @Ben, care to comment on this issue?
  • Sorry for the late reply. I'm afraid I have no idea what could be going wrong here. This isn't a known problem and is not being reported by any other users. The fact that you get the image if you long-press the notification means that SecuritySpy has done its job correctly and has attached the image to the notification; the actual display of the notification is managed by iOS itself. You could try a backup/restore of your phone but that's a hassle and not guaranteed to work. Otherwise, hopefully a future iOS update will fix this.

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