Problem with Mic & PTZ on cheap chinese NoName cam
  • So I couldn't resist myself... I got one of these [ ]
    Through the mobile app that comes with it, it works just fine and as expected. No problems there.

    Got it in to SS.
    SS & RemoteSite connection profiles seem to work, but I am not getting sound from the built-in mic and no PTZ. Button is grayed out.
    I understand if there will be no support for these kinds of cameras but if anyone has any ideas or experience with no name cameras, please share your experience tips and tricks to get it working.
    Finances are scarce right now, that's why I got up cheap one... :/
  • We would advise all users to refer to our list of supported cameras, and stick to cameras listed there, or else ONVIF-compatible cameras. Other cameras may not work with SecuritySpy.

    The first thing to try here is the ONVIF profile in SecuritySpy. The camera's specifications pages does not state that it is ONVIF compatible, but you might be lucky.

    If that doesn't do it, go to Preferences > Cameras > Device, and click the "Auto-Detect Profile" button. It will take a few minutes to try all the camera profiles built into SecuritySpy, and will hopefully return a few that are compatible. Out of the returned profiles, try each in turn to see if they allow the audio and pan/tilt features.

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