Tapo C200 (TP-Link)
  • So I recently purchased the C200 with PTZ. Managed to get it running in security spy.
    But I haven't managed to figure out how to activate the PTZ function? When i double-click the smaller window, I get a big one, and normally it should have a PTZ button in the corner, it's there, but it is dark grey and can not be clicked?

    I tried a few different presets, but cannot get it to work. Currently I am using the ONVIF profile.

    Any suggestions on how to get it running correctly so that I can have the PTZ control?
  • If the PTZ controls aren't available in SecuritySpy, then this sounds like the camera isn't making its PTZ available via ONVIF for some reason. Things to check are:

    - Make sure to use the camera's administrator login details in SecuritySpy (a lesser "viewing" account may not allow access to PTZ).

    - Check the camera's settings pages (via a web browser) for any settings to turn on web or ONVIF PTZ control.

    - Try the "TP-LINK" profile in SecuritySpy instead of the ONVIF profile.

    Any luck?

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