Hikvision camera reset
  • I’m in the process of upgrading my dead hikvision DVR. The person that installed the system added a password to the cameras that nobody has a record of. I read directions online on how to reset the cameras but all of the methods I’ve tried are not working. The SADPtool I downloaded from their site cannot find any of the cameras even though SS finds them with no problem. I followed their directions to do a hardware reset on a camera and when I connect with Safari web browser it does ask to activate by entering a new password, but when I enter anything, it says the password is incorrect even though I’m supposedly entering a new password. If I click ok a second time, it tells me the camera has already been activated but the password will not let me access the camera. I went through this about a dozen times just to make sure it wasn’t a typo or anything.
    I’m hoping someone else has been through the reset process for their hikvision cameras on a Mac. I’m happy to try anything.
    Thanks in advance.
  • It depends on the camera, origin, and firmware installed. You may want to check out this long tread on IPcamtalk.
  • Thank you, I’ll definitely dig through that thread. One problem I see right off the top is that SADPtool is not seeing the cameras even though SS sees them just fine and I can connect to them via web browser just fine. So it appears my biggest hurdle is figuring out why that tool doesn’t see the cameras.
  • I’ll have to say, this is making me leery about buying hikvision cameras in the future. I appreciate making them secure, but I need to be able to access them.
  • I use their Hikvision client software iVMS-4200 to initialize and configure settings for my Hik cameras. Haven't used the SAPT tool for a few years. Might be worth a try. Some Hik cameras have a reset button in them.

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