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iOS app and PIP?

edited October 2020 in SecuritySpy
Hi - is there any plans to support this in the app, or even in The web browser,

Failing that, is anyone aware of 3rd party apps that can do it?


  • BenBen
    edited November 2020
    We'll take a look at this, I agree it would be a nice feature to add. I'm not familiar with any third party apps that can pull video from SecuritySpy and do picture-in-picture at the moment.
  • Hi @Ben just revisiting this thread instead of starting a new one

    Any update on iOS PIP?


  • Sorry, no update on this, our development efforts have been elsewhere.

  • It's a shame this isn't being developed - Safari on iOS has native PIP for pretty much any playing video so it works for captured files via the web-browser but not for live video. I guess live video uses some sort of image stream? Any chance of an update here to serve as a video stream?

    My solution in the past was to re-stream to a private webpage I could get view via PIP but was very clunky. Might have to revisit.

  • Yeah, we'd like to see this for TVOS. And even better, a way to trigger a security spy PIP to pop up based on some event.

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