Video Server
  • Hi there,

    i have a customer who wishes to Upgrade his Surveillance, but he has 4 old analogue camera's which he still want to use.
    Now i know that SS supports VideoServer's, but how does that work in the real world ? If i take a 4 channel one, will it be 4 seperate feeds to SS or just one put together of the 4 ?

    Any clarification on this is greatly appreciated.


  • Hi Raymond,

    This works very well in the real world. Using a 4-channel video server, each channel is separate, so SecuritySpy will see each camera independently. See the Network video servers section of our Installation Manual for a full list of supported servers. We generally recommend Axis for their quality and reliability - for example the M7014.

    Hope this helps!
  • Hi Ben,

    Thanks for clearing that up, i was already looking at that one. I think i can go ahead with this project then.



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