Restart SecuritySpy and only 1 Dahua camera gets a feed
  • This is a strange question. But out of all my Dahua cameras if I restart SS or reboot the machine, launching the SS app I get 1 camera with a feed the others just keep timing out and I have to disconnect them from the POE switch so they reboot then SS picks them up after rebooting.

    This seems strange to me like there is a settings I am missing somewhere?
    Is this something obvious that I am missing?
  • This does sound strange. My suggestion would be to set up your cameras with a static IP address on your network, and use those IP address in SecuritySpy, instead of any auto-discovered addresses that you are currently using. Auto-discovered addresses should normally work fine, but in cases where there are connection issues such as what you are experiencing, it's a good idea to try static IP addresses as this has a good chance of fixing the problems.

    For more information on this, please see Local Networks and Connecting to a Camera Over Ethernet. And, if you have any problems with this please email us and we'll help you directly with this.
  • Ben this worked perfectly. I was planning on setting my cameras to fixed IP's once my networking was fully done and the final couple of cameras were installed but just did a test on 1 of the cameras that never used to come back after a restart and was perfect.
  • Great to hear this has resolved the problem!

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