Connecting Wyze Cam that are not on local network
  • Hello, I have a few Wyze cams successfully setup for viewing on security spy on my iMac, The cameras that I am able to see are on my local network. Has anyone tried adding Wyze cameras from a different location or non local network?
    If so what settings should I use to make this happen? Thanks for your input.
  • Setting up access to a camera on a remote Internet connection involves these steps:

    - Set up the camera with a static IP address on its local network (see Local Networks)

    - Set up port forwarding in the router at the camera's location, to forward incoming requests from the Internet to the camera's IP address on both port 80 (HTTP) and port 554 (RTSP).

    - Give the camera a strong password, as otherwise it's a security risk having it available online.

    - If the camera's Internet connection has a static public IP address, you can use this static IP to connect to the camera over the Internet and add the camera to SecuritySpy. If the Internet connection has a dynamic IP address, you will need a Dynamic DNS service running at the camera's location, and then use this DDNS address to access the camera.

    Most Internet connections have a dynamic IP address unless you have paid extra for a static one.

    If you can run SecuritySpy on a Mac at the camera's location it is much easier, as SecuritySpy can generally set up all the above items for you automatically.

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