Remote Monitoring via SecuritySpy App Broken PTZ Control for Amcrest Cameras
  • I just installed a pair of Amcrest IP4M-1053E cameras. Moving the PTZ in any direction using the SecuritySpy App for iOS/iPadOS results in the camera spinning in the direction pressed. PTZ control works fine using the macOS SecuritySpy app.
  • Sorry about this, it's a bug in the iOS app. We will get this fixed soon.
  • Does this bug apply to the app as I cannot access the app since the OS14 update on any of my devices. I just get a cannot connect to server error.
  • We have now released a new version of the iOS app (1.3.0) so please use the App Store to update the app on your device. It should fix both issues mentioned above.
  • Fixed the issue for me running iOS 13.7. Thx Ben.

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