Feature Request: Foscam R2
  • I just purchased a couple of Foscam R2 cameras as I've had great success with SecuritySpy and Foscam over the years. The cameras work great but there are two features that I lost with these that I have with older Foscams and would love to see them supported in an update:

    - Zoom does not work through SS, no matter which camera or setting I use
    - Presets do not work

    The presets are really useful to me because I have my home automation use the SS API to patrol through presets periodically throughout the day and have lost that capability for the time being. Just like my other cameras, I saved the various presets on the camera UI but the preset buttons in SS don't trigger them.

    The ability to zoom in and out would also be wonderful!

    Thanks, and as always this is such a great software and I've gotten wonderful utility out of them!
  • It's good to hear you've had success with SecuritySpy and Foscam, though we generally don't recommend them.

    The zoom option via SecuritySpy's PTZ controls doesn't work because these cameras do not have optical zoom functionality.

    Instead, you can use SecuritySpy's own digital zoom feature: hold the mouse over a video window in SecuritySpy, hold the Command key on the keyboard and then scroll up on the mouse (two-finger swipe up on trackpads). Once zoomed, you can use the mouse/trackpad scroll to pan left/right and up/down.

    In terms of presets - what profile are you using for these cameras under Preferences > Cameras > Device? It's possible that the ONVIF profile will allow presets to work as well as video.
  • Actually, one of the only reasons I still buy Foscam is because it has been so well supported in SecuritySpy :). I don't care much for the interface of the UI but they are cheap and, up until now, supported quite well and for non critical camera operations it's a great alternative.

    The R2 actually does have 4X optical Zoom.

    I'm currently using the "ONVIF WITH RTSP" profile, but have tried all of the ONVIF profiles and none of them allow for presets. I've also tried the Foscam H.264/H.265 with RTSP.

    I'm happy to set up a session if you want to do some of your mojo on my camera to dig into its capabilities.
  • You are one of the lucky ones who have had a good experience with Foscam then :) That's good to hear.

    I can't find any source or specification sheet that describes the R2 as having optical zoom, can you point me to one? As far as I can tell, the "zoom" in this camera is an 8x digital zoom (which SecuritySpy doesn't support because it has its own zoom). Also, looking at the pictures of the camera, it has a rather small lens, which is not consistent with optical zoom functionality, as zoom lenses tend to be significantly larger.

    As for the presets, try turning on the "Use numerical-only ONVIF PTZ preset names" option under Preferences > Cameras > Device > Advanced Device Options. Does that do it?
  • As for the digital zoom, that was on the Amazon description but, like you, I cannot independently verify this.

    I did try the ONVIF numeric only option, it was the first thing I tried after working with you on the Sunba camera issue and it didn't change anything sadly.

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