Optimum Settings for Cameras within SecuritySpy and Remote Patrol?
  • I am not sure whether this is the correct category to put this request. I have successfully set up a Y-cam Bullet HD1080 linked it to my new iMac with a large external thunderbolt drive so I have the option of recording continuous movies or Motion capture. The dilemma I have is that the depth of field of activity from my camera view is considerable. The camera is mounted at the back of my garage which overlooks an old railway line some 40 to 50 meters away and between that and the back fence there are a few young trees, then about 14 meters from the camera there is a raised path from which passers by can see that I have a glass room. The land then drops down to another path behind the fence, from which you can't see the glass room at all. The view I have set up on the camera is great as I can see the top of the fence, both paths and the railway line. I have several bird feeders in the garden which attract birds of all sizes so motion detection is almost continuous during daylight hours.
    My first trial was with Motion capture which was as I said almost continuous. I then decided to set up continuous capture of 1 second between frames and create a new movie every hour. This works fine until I bought Remote Patrol HD for my iPad which is a great app which I intend to use when we are away at our static caravan. This seems to work very well until you try and fast forward into an hour long movie. I only appears to give you about three minutes even though you have set a search time. My solution which appears to work so far is to go back to motion capture with a separate movie per event, frame rate 10 frames per second, 2 seconds pre capture, 10 seconds post capture. I have pushed up the sensitivity to 80 because previously a setting of 50 did not pick up movement on the high path which is where I want it to be concentrated. Trigger time 2 seconds. This appears to give me more specific timings for Remote patrol and it seems to work.Oh I didn't tell you the reason I set this up. When we were away on holiday some charming young person threw a very large stone through the double glazed reinforced glass room door!
    Any comments and advice to a novice would be welcome.
  • Sorry to hear about your break-in! Hopefully the camera will act as a deterrent (also put up some visible CCTV signs), and will capture anything that does happen in the future.

    My first thought is that the "Quickview" option is set in Remote Patrol, which will only pull in a shortened and scaled-down version of the movie file, for quick download. Find this setting and make sure that it is turned off. Does this solve it?
  • Thanks Ben you were right, it has solved the problem, that's great many thanks. I will go back to continuous movies. Yes I have a prominent notice to say that CCTV is in operation! I hope it deters the little b***ers!

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