How to improve detection of motion - bushes moving from wind
  • Looking at what triggers motion detection, I notice that the wind fluttering through one of the bushes sets it off constantly. I can't put a mask in front of it because if someone walks in front of the bush, I need to know. Is there any way to help train it to ignore leaf flutter on a bush and work more off of large shapes moving? I've already got it set to Sensitivity = 50 and Human Threshold = 85. What setting is helpful to improve this?
  • Same problem here.
    I think maybe a tutorial on motion detection settings could be valuable?
  • If you have already enabled the AI, it will be screening out most false-positives. However no algorithm is perfect - our human detector is 95% accurate, which means if there are 100 motion events per hour due to window blowing through the bush, 5 of these will pass the AI and generate notifications, so this could be what is happening.

    But it's best if we check your settings to see if we can suggest any changes - to allow us to do this, please email us and include a screenshot of the Preferences > Cameras > Triggers window for the camera(s) in question, as well as a full-size image from the camera (right-click on it and select the "Save as JPEG" option).

    We do have a couple of tutorials on how to choose optimum settings, they are:

    How To Achieve Effective Motion Detection

    Optimising SecuritySpy’s AI Object Detection
  • Just posted a new discussion on this. Regarding 95% cameras detect my dog as human 100% of the time. I'm talking literally every single time my dog passes by a camera it sets it off as a human. I could do without the mini heart attacks that someone is at my back door.

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