TP-Link Tapo C200
  • Don't know if I'm being dumb but I've one of these set up in addition to my usual Hikvision cameras however, SS is not recording anything. It connects the same as the others but has limited set up option in it's app so I'm wondering if/how I can get it to record via SS.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Cheers, Nobby.
  • Hi Nobby, are you saying you have the live video feed successfully coming into SecuritySpy, so that you can see the camera's live video in the "All Cameras" window in SecuritySpy? If so, then that is all that SecuritySpy needs in order to record - the camera's own recording options are irrelevant. So, it sounds like the only thing to do now is to "arm" either Continuous Capture or Motion Capture mode by seeing an appropriate schedule, for example "Armed 24/7" by right-clicking on the camera's image and setting the schedule for the appropriate mode. More information on this is described in the Schedules section of the user manual.
  • Thanks Ben - you're spot on & all now seems ok.

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