Set Mac Display to Sleep on a Schedule while keeping Security Running
  • So I could not find any way to do this but what I was wanting to do was set a schedule for the iMac display to sleep for example between 11pm and 6am while keeping the iMac fully running so as to keep SecuritySpy running still.

    I could not find any apps or way to do this. Does anybody have any ideas on how this could be done?

    Have a display in the lounge room running Blue Iris at the moment just for visual feeds of the screens and I have a smart switch on the monitor so its off overnight but I am planning to put my old iMac in its place and run SS from that iMac so would really want the screen to be off during certain hours.
  • Take a look at Amphetamine via the App Store. It has a range of options for controlling sleep, including a schedule trigger that allows you to schedule when the Mac/screen should be kept awake.
  • I have been playing with this and although it works the problem is once the display goes to sleep the trigger only turns on the App while keeping the display asleep.

    I am going to try perhaps an automator action over the weekend to see if I can wake the screen up. I might be able to do something like this before using the schedule with the option to keep the screen active.

    More testing is needed but definitely feel like I am on the right track with Amphetamine.

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