Stem iZON

  • I'm guessing this might be a no, but has there been any consideration for connecting to a Stem Innovations iZON. I'm currently on the trial and will likely purchasing, but as I'm on the boarder line for the # of cameras I'll need support for i'm wondering if there is any hope that I can repurpose the iZON as part of my security camera network (it really became so much less useful after the YouTube upload got cut off).

  • Sorry, this camera will not work with SecuritySpy as it does not appear to support standard streaming protocols such as RTSP. I have previously asked this question to Stem Innovation customer support and this is the response I got from them:

    "We currently do not have the capability of the video/audio stream with any other surveillance software. We are always looking to improve the Stem Products. We will continue to make suggested improvements from our Customers and keep them in the loop of all the exciting things happening."
  • Thanks for the response. That was about what I expected from Stem.

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