Captured video playback issues with the last betas
  • Been having playback issues with at least the last two betas. Videos seem to fail to play when viewing and usually require "toggling" the stop/pause button, or moving the timeline forward to a new time and playing from there. I use an external mic for the Audio and have noted that although the video has stopped, the audio (recording with motion detection) continues to play.
    I reverted to 5.2.4 stable version and it seems to be OK.
  • Thanks for letting us know about this. How exactly are you viewing the movies - in SecuritySpy's Browser feature, via the web interface (if so, which web browser?), or via our iOS/tvOS app?
  • I have the same issue with 5.2.5. When I right-click and "View Captured Footage" the playback is spotty, only playing 75% of the clips. I need to go back to a previous version to play recorded videos. This make this version very disappointing.
  • I'm back to 5.2.2 and happy. There is room for improvement on 5.2.5.
  • Sorry for the late response Ben, but viewing with the Browser.
  • Hi everyone. I am having this exact issue. I have to really screw around with the stop/pause buttons and the timeline in order to get video to play as expected. The "play header" (the playline on the timeline) will also jump around fairly aggressively and unpredictably when doing so. It's very unpredictable and hard to pin down. As Fester said, sometimes I'll get audio as expected but the video will be frozen in place.

    This is using the browser/timeline feature inside SecuritySpy 5.2.6 on macOS.
  • Just to add a little more information to my earlier post: I briefly tried the latest beta (5.2.7b2) and experienced the same issues.

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