Saving PTZ Presets
  • I'm unable to save a PTZ preset. I have tried multiple times, ALT-click, ALT-number, over VNC and at the local console and the presets are not saving. I have managed to save one in the distant past, but dont recal when/how/version that I did that with.

    Over VNC I am using a Mac keyboard and using the ALT/Option key. Local to the console its a Windows keyboard, using the ALT key, which works as option in other parts of the OS.

    Is there something stoopid and obvious that I am not doing? Are there any other ways to save a preset?

    Thanks in advance

    [Securityspy 5.2.4 on macOS 10.14.6]
  • It sounds like you are doing this right. Are you using the ONVIF profile? If so, try enabling the option at:

    Preferences -> Cameras -> Device -> Advanced Device Options -> Use numerical-only ONVIF PTZ preset names

    Does that do it?

    One other thing to check is that you are using the camera's admin username/password in SecuritySpy. If you are using authentication with a lower level of access (e.g. viewer-only authentication), the camera may not allow the setting of presets.
  • No...

    Am using ONVIF profile. The use numerical only was not set. Now set, no change, restarted SecuritySpy and then restarted the camera.

    When ALT-click / ALT-number the number in the UI does go a dark grey, the UI is registering the action. Its just not saving :-( Though something I have done has deleted the sole preset that I had. Now other than home there are no presets.

    I tried installing an SD card in the camera in case some settings were saving there. No joy.

    The camera is an older Foscam h.264. Maybe its just not supported?
  • Sorry, I'm not sure what else to suggest. I doubt this is a bug in SecuritySpy because this is not being reported as a problem by other users in SecuritySpy 5.2.4. One thing you could try is to configure presets via the camera's own web interface, using numerical names (if this is possible), then quit and reopen SecuritySpy, and see if you can recall them via SecuritySpy.
  • I have the same problem. Mac Mini running 5.2.5 on Catalina 10.15.6
    I determined today that I can save a new PTZ position, but only if it is going to an empty preset.

    Is there a way to clear all presets? Although that might be unwise if after I do that, it won't write to the register.
  • I thought i was going insane .....but yes agree this is a strange issue that I have been unable to resolve using Ben's suggestions
  • Some cameras do unfortunately require you to delete presets before they will allow them to be set again. In SecuritySpy, when using the ONVIF profile, you can delete an existing preset by holding Command + Alt (Option) while clicking on the PTZ preset button.
  • Just chiming in to say that regardless of the instructions I'm following I am unable to save or recall PTZ presets for my ONVIF cameras. So, you're not alone.
  • Deleted all presets both within the software and the local cameras - still no joy. I am assuming its a camera issue seeing its not widely reported as an issue.
  • The Command+Option+ Click to delete worked for me. It even works using screen sharing from my MBP to the headless Mini. Thanks Ben.
  • I had the same problem. Using ONVIF profile everything worked, except saving presets.
    I went through the list of profiles and eventually found a profile that saved the presets.
    My camera is a no name generic camera. Ended up EasyN worked perfect for me.

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