High CPU Due to AI?
  • Every once in a while I experience very high CPU load on my SS server.
    Seems unrelated to camera settings or to the amount of video being recorded.
    Does anyone else see this?
    Initially I thought this could be a classic camera positioning / sun glint thing, but the times are variable and on many days it doesn't happen at all. I made an animated GIF of the dashboard, to show what I mean.
  • I can certainly see the issue you are describing in your useful GIF, and there does seem to be a certain amount of correlation between CPU usage and recording data rate.

    One thing to check is that you aren't recompressing video from any of your cameras, as this can use significant CPU. Go to Preferences -> Cameras -> Device and make sure the "Recompress video data" option is off for all your cameras.

    However it's clear that sometimes you are getting very high CPU usage with a very low recording data rate. This could conceivably be due to running the AI (e.g. if it's a windy day with lots of plant/tree movement, this could invoke the AI repeatedly, without much recording if there aren't any humans/vehicles detected). Or, it could be due to something else running on this machine and using the CPU. Are there any other processes running that could use significant CPU (e.g. media server)?

    You could check the per-camera CPU usage to see if the camera(s) that are showing high CPU are also the ones with the AI enabled. A correlation here would point to the AI, whereas no correlation here would point elsewhere.

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