Paypal issues upon checkout
  • I am trying to purchase product, using PayPal, and everything I log into PayPal through your checkout system, and try to pay, I get
    "We couldn't complete your purchase, because the card issuer declined the card Visa x-1234. We've chosen another payment method for you. Please continue with this payment method, or choose a different way to pay."

    I thought we can purchase via PayPal...... ??
  • Yes, you can purchase via PayPal. When you go through the checkout page on our store you have a number of different options, for example you can:

    - Pay directly via a credit card without logging into PayPal
    - Log into PayPal and pay with a credit card as the funding source
    - Log into PayPal and pay with a bank account as the funding source
    - Log into PayPal and pay with some existing PayPal credit

    It sounds like you are using the second option, and that your card company is declining the payment. This is more likely to happen if you are in a different country to us (we are in the UK).

    The solution is to either call your card company and ask them to allow payments to us (and/or payments to foreign companies in general), or to use a different credit card (as mentioned above, you can do this without logging into PayPal). Alternatively, you can set up a bank account in your PayPal account as a funding source and use that for payment to us (although this can take longer to clear).

    Please let me know if you continue to have problems with this.

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