Reolink IPCAMRLC-410-5MP
  • Unable to connect using SSpy reolink profile - error unexpected data.

    Serching gives a few other options most of them error 4001 or drop outs happening.

    build 20071000
  • Hi Jeff, unfortunately we have seen significant problems with Reolink cameras, which is why we have the following warning on our SecuritySpy compatible camera list:

    "Significant problems have been encountered with corrupt RTSP video streams from Reolink cameras, therefore they should be avoided."

    So, if possible, I would recommend you return this camera and swap it for one that is shown as compatible on our list.
  • Have you tried the ONVIF profile, I have these cameras and that works for me...
  • Thanks ONVIF have now got them running - smeared objects that are passing etc. but this does not appear on the recordings.

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