Bug in Camera settings in 5.2.4?
  • Hi
    I have updated software to version 5.2.4. After that update I found a bug. When I change any settings in camera settings page or even save without doing any updates Security Spy forgets rtsp-password and changes also "Play sound" action to Basso.aiff. After that I have to go to mac-server to update password and change play sound to none to be able to see camera in live view.
  • Sorry about this, it does sound like a bug. Are you referring to the settings available via the web interface, or the setting via the macOS user interface?
  • Via web interface.
  • Also can't change Audio Input setting thru web interface. It always stays at Built-in input.
  • OK, apologies, I will get back to you shortly with a fix.
  • These issues should now be fixed in the new 5.2.5b5 beta version of SecuritySpy - please confirm.
  • Hi
    Everything else is working, but for one camera it allways forgets password if saving any setting for that camera in "Camera Setting" page in web ui. You cannot save password again in web ui, it must be done in server ui.
  • I've just uploaded a new b6 beta (same link as above) that should now fix the password issue - please confirm.
  • Now it is working, thank you.

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