IOS app limited amount of cameras
  • i added more cameras but for some reason i cant see them in ios app. I do see them of course on the mac security spy application.
    i googled the f out of this issue, cant see anything, poked through both apps on desktop and ios to see if there is a way to enable more cameras. i made a new user / new pass, also made sure to manually enable viewing for ALL cameras. no result, still see the old cameras only.

    any ideas? what am i doing wrong? how do view more cameras then now?

    when i setup ios i remember excluding indoor cameras, however i dont know how that was done or cant find a way to undo or add more. very counterintuitive. permissions on the user allow for all cameras so i am out of ideas.
  • How many cameras do you have? The app should show any new cameras as mine displays all 8 without any issues.

    Have you tried force closing the app and loading it again?
  • This sounds like a permissions issue. Check the web server account you are using under Preferences -> Web and make sure it is allowed to access all cameras (e.g. set it to "Administrator" permissions to be able to access all features of all cameras - even ones you add in the future).
  • @ben yes as in the post i have done that. even deleted user and created new one. set permissions explicitly for each camera as well as allowed all. same thing.

    @paul2020 i have more than 8 cameras now
  • Are you using the beta version of the app (via TestFlight) or the App Store version? The beta has a filter (top right button on the "Cameras" panel - round icon with horizontal lines) that allows you to switch between All Cameras and any other group you have set up. Tap that button and select All Cameras and you should see the filter disable (the icon looks different when the filter is on vs. off).

    If you are using the App Store version, please try deleting the app from your phone and downloading it again.

    Does this help?
  • im using the app store version. ill try to re-download

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