SFTP key authentication for uploads
  • Is there anyway to get Security Spy to use SSH key authentication for SFTP motion capture uploads?
    It is really bad practice to leave PW authentication open.
    The SS server is already setup to do password less auth to the remote machine (files in ~/.ssh etc), and if i just enter the username in SS, it says 'The file was uploaded successfully' - but it wasn't as the dummy file doesn't exist.

    Ideally i would use the 2TB of iCloud space i have to make true 'cloud' backups, however this isn't an option....yet ;O

    The only way i could get this working so far is to enable then firewall off SSH from external machines, and SFTP to and set the 'path' to the local iCloud folder, which in my case was /Users/home/Library/Mobile Documents/com~apple~CloudDocs/SSMotionCaptures. As this is copying things locally, and not just poking the files into iCloud, i suspect this will be eating up local disk space. (my capture files are made to an external disk).

    Anyone with ideas on using key auth, or improving the iCloud integration?
  • SecuritySpy uses the system sftp command to upload files, so that should use any custom keys that you have created on your machine. If you are getting the message "The file was uploaded successfully" then it means what it says - if you can't see the file your path is probably wrong.

    If you want to play with copying the file to the local file system instead of uploads, see the "local copy" option under Preferences -> Uploads (described if you scroll down a bit from this link to the user manual).
  • I am sorry but I don't see the "local copy" option under 'Preferences/uploads'. I am running SecuritySpy v-5.3.3
  • Hi @danieljmorel if you click the link in my message above this takes you to the relevant section of the user manual. Scroll down a bit to the "Local Copy" section and it tells you there how to set this up.

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