Captured motion events playback super sped up like a timelapse
  • My motion event captures are all 15 - 30 seconds long, but typically represent 15 min to an hour of video recording for some reason. Resembles a time-lapse, playback will play 3 seconds of video and stop, but if you keep tapping play it will eventually get you through the video event seconds at time. Set to only record motion events.

    Camera = Unifi G3 Pro
    Mac Mini on 10.13.6
    Cat6 through Gigabit Unifi POE switch
  • This could indicate a problem with the video frame timestamps that are being sent by the camera. Please try this:

    - Under Preferences -> Cameras -> Device, click the "Advanced Device Options" button at the bottom of that panel.

    - Enable the "Generate frame timestamps in software" option.

    - Click OK and then Apply Preferences.

    Does this resolve the problem?
  • Thanks Ben, that seems to have worked.
  • I have been having this problem with Ubiquity Flex G3s as well.
    Thanks for this response, Ben
    ( this and the FPS keeps changing, perhaps they are related )

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