Segregating IP Cameras on their own LAN Issue
  • I finally put togeter a separate LAN for my IP Cameras.
    I'm having an issue in that once a day or so, (haven't noticed a pattern) Security Spy loses conections to all the cameras on the LAN. I simply unplug the LAN ethernet cable into my MAC and replug it in, and they all come back.

    My Second LAN switch is plugged into a Thunderbolt3 connection on the back of my MAC, not the dedicated ethernet port.

    Any one else have this issue?

    MAC Catalina
  • Hi Jim,

    When this happens, are you able to use a web browser to connect to any of the cameras?

    If not, then the Mac has become disconnected from this network. This could indicate a problem with the Ethernet adaptor perhaps. Is this an official Apple-brand adaptor that you are using? If not, then I would recommend getting an official Apple one.

    Also, what is the make/model of your Ethernet switch?
  • Ben
    When I lose them I cannot access them via a browser.

    I have a HooToo USB C Hub, USB C Adapter with Ethernet Port, 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, 3 USB 3.0. I only have an HDMI and the SEcurity Spy LAN ethernet plugged into it. My Sec Spy Ethernet goes to a Netgear switch and then off to my cameras.

    Ok - as i was typing this I disconected my Express VPN and I lost the cameras...

    I just unplugged and replugged the SecSpy LAN ethernet and the cameras came back
    I reconnected to Express VPN - Cameras are still good
    I just disconnected from ExpressVPN and I lost my cameras again

    Its my ExpressVPN - when I disconnect I lose my SecSpy LAN....

  • I'm sorry but I don't know what could be going wrong here, I think this is a question for ExpressVPN - if they provide a solution, please report back.
  • Update: So far Express VPN has not provided a solution.

    I tried Surfshark and ProtonVPN - and I dont have the problem.

    If I can't fix ExpressVPN soon, I plan to change to another VPN.

  • software based VPN is going to create problems. Can't test directly, but I would look to see if you can exclude the camera Ethernet segment entirely from ExpressVPN in Mac network settings.

    Also, pay attention to VPN routing. Some VPN's have "Send all traffic through VPN" and some don't. If you have flexibility, you can setup routing rules to keep the camera segment away from the VPN.

    Otherwise, you might have to go with a hardware switch and use VLAN's, but they are their own set of configuration and setup issues and can be just or more complicated to get working correctly.

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