IOS App Acting Oddly
  • I have a recent car - a 2019 Renault Zoe and and iPhone 11 Max which is paired to it via Bluetooth. The car lets you switch between audio sources via a button - FM - AM - DAB - AUX - BLUETOOTH. I have found that when I am listening to radio in the car, if I load the SecuritySpy IOS app and look at a camera feed which has audio then this will become the only audio which comes through the car speakers - even though the car media input is still set to DABS. If I close the APP then radio resumes. Typically if I want to play audio (music) from my phone on the car I have to select BlueTooth as the input source. The only exception to this is if I have the built in SATNAV running and it will talk over the radio with navigation instructions. No idea how SecuritySpy is able to override the cars settings and become the only source for audio when viewing a camera. Any ideas ?
  • The SecuritySpy iOS app is simply playing the audio from the selected camera via the iOS device's current output. If this is coming through your car's speakers unexpectedly, then this has come about due to the interaction between iOS and your car's audio system - SecuritySpy itself does not control this. I'm guessing that your car is set to switch to the bluetooth audio input when some new sound is initiated by a connected device - perhaps there is a way to turn this off via your car's audio settings?

    A possible workaround could be to to change the web permissions for the particular account you are using, to remove access to live audio for the camera(s) in question (but then you won't get audio at all, even if you want it at other times).
  • I understand what yours saying - however, lets consider the following scenario. I use Google Music IOS app and play music on my phone. If the car is setup to look at it's DAB,AM,FM radio source then I will hear the radio on the car stereo and Google Music on my phone. If I then change the input source on the car stereo to bluetooth then I will only hear Google Music on the car speakers. This is as I would expect it. Now lets close Google Music on my phone and return the car input source to DAB so I can hear Radio 2 for example. I then load the Security Spy app on the phone and switch to a camera which has audio. Even though the car audio still tells me I am listening to DAB BBC2 all I can hear is the feed from the camera. Odd - but true.
  • I agree it does sound very good, especially because your car is showing the wrong input source. Sorry but I can't imagine what the problem is. I'll check our audio playing code to see if there are any options that might have an impact on this, but as far as I can tell we are just playing audio in a normal way just like any other app.
  • I could record a video of the symptoms and provide a link to it via a shared folder if it would help.

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