iOS14 + 5.2.4b5
  • I installed v5.2.4b5 today and the cameras will not stream to iOS14 or tvOS14. Still images on tvOS14 and crash at launch on iOS14.
    I sent the logs.

    The public release version of SS works with iOS14. There are stream stutters on tvOS14 with the the public release of SS.

    I know these are new OS's, but wanted to give you some feedback, if you need testers.
    My Developer kit should arrive by the end of the week, I will be able to test on the new chips also!
  • Thanks for the feedback, we will look into these issues. There have been a lot of changes under the hood to the web server in the beta, so there are likely a few things to iron out before the final 5.2.4 release. How did you send the crash logs? If you didn't email then to us, please do so to, many thanks.

    Our Apple Silicon developer kit will be delivered in around two weeks, so we will be able to start working on the Apple Silicon build soon. Good to know you'll have one too - if you're interested I can send you a beta when this is ready for testing?
  • To follow up on this, the 5.2.4b6 version just released on the SecuritySpy beta page should fix the streaming problem - please confirm.
  • Hey Ben, the latest fixed the stream.
    There is a small stutter every 2 seconds on tvOS, but this was there with the public release also and ONLY after tvOS14 was installed, so it may be something they need to iron out. I will look at the console later this evening.

    The crash log was sent in through the iOS app from an iPad Pro with the feedback feature that is part of testFlight.

    I will gladly like to be part of the testing as well.

    Thank you
  • I still have freezing on the Iphone same on ATV tvOS
  • I updated to this one and had to revert because of a runaway process leading to 100% CPU. I saw lots of crash reporter CPU as well as something weird happening with Sophos. For me this one was unusable. Although the CPU load hike was totally correlated with the app update, reverting back to 5.2.3 didn't actually fix it, so I wonder if something else has broken. No changes to cams, settings or other hw/sw. I am puzzled - my mac mini CCTV server has been happy for months and now it's getting totally battered.

  • It's strange because the actual data rates from the cams are still very low. The GPU processor is also pegged at 100%. Not sure it's relevant but the video format column is no longer populated (should be 5x h.264 and 3x h.265). Here's the cam info tile:
  • Hey Ben,
    The iOS notifications do not seem to be pushed to the devices with this beta. I will do more testing tomorrow morning.
  • Notifications are back with b7
  • Also the stutters are no longer present in tvOS14!
  • Hi @camguyfbr, the 5.2.4b8 beta version should fix the problem with the video formats not displaying in the Camera Info window.

    Newly added is also a column in the Camera Info window that shows whether your cameras are being decoded in software or hardware (click on the header bar with the column names to add/remove columns). By assigning some to software decoding may decrease the load on your GPU. Or, it could be that it's the video windows that are pegging the GPU (or it could be a process unrelated to SecuritySpy - I'm not sure what else is running on your Mac).

    In terms of the CPU usage, this may not be SecuritySpy. SecuritySpy tends to use a constant amount of CPU, rather than going up and down so much (as seen in the screencast you sent). If you look at Activity Monitor when you see high CPU usage, what are the top few processes using the most CPU, with their associated (per-core) CPU usage values reported there?

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