Apple SoC - The Future!
  • Just finished watching the Apple Keynote. I'm excited for what this could mean for SecuritySpy in terms of future performance. @Ben, any thoughts from what you've been able to gather on what this could mean?
  • It's certainly an exciting transition! We plan to get ahead of this and produce an Apple Silicon version of SecuritySpy at the earliest opportunity. Fortunately the transition shouldn't be too difficult from a development point of view.

    In terms of performance, there are potential gains for SecuritySpy (e.g. Metal performance is set to improve - SS uses this for live video display to the screen - and perhaps CoreML speed will improve - SS uses this for its AI features) however there are potential downsides too, a significant one being the "Quick Sync Video" module built into Intel Core CPUs, which SecuritySpy makes heavy use of for hardware-based H.264/H.265 video encoding/decoding. However this loss may be compensated for elsewhere (the T2 chip and some GPUs have such capabilities, and the A12Z chip itself may even include this too). It remains to be seen what the overall effect is for SecuritySpy, and it will be difficult to determine without real-world testing.

    One useful perk is that our SecuritySpy iOS app (along with all other iOS apps) will become available for macOS on Apple Silicon Macs, so this will give users a nice remote viewing experience of their systems from another Mac, in addition to the existing options (currently either the web interface or another copy of macOS SecuritySpy, the latter of which allows live video viewing only).

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