Auto-delete stopped deleting
  • I just bought SecuritySpy in mid-May. One of the first features I turned on was the ability to auto-delete files. While it appeared to be working while I was running the demo for a few weeks before buying, it has not deleted anything since.

    My settings are to auto-delete over 14 days on the system volume (where my files are located), and over 30 days on non-system volumes. I also had the setting for deleting old files when only 200GB of space were left for both the system and non-system volumes; I have about 110GB of free space on my 1TB system volume (I have since turned that off).

    Any ideas on what I can look at to troubleshoot this issue?

  • Hi Aaron,

    Firstly, please make sure you are using the latest version of SecuritySpy, as this does have some improvements to the file deletion routines.

    If that doesn't resolve your problem, please do this:

    - Click the SecuritySpy menu, and from the Debug submenu, turn on the "Enable file removal logging" option.

    - Leave SecuritySpy running for 10 minutes.

    - Email us at and include the "File removal log" file that you will find on your Desktop.

    - Please also include in your email the "Debug file", created using the "Create debug file on desktop" option from that same Debug menu.

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